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Floral design by The Twisted Tulip, Floral Designs by Michelle

What is your guest capacity?

The Old Mill Farm can accommodate 200 guests. 

Do you have more than one ceremony site?

We welcome you to pick any spot you love.  However, the favored spot is our wisteria arbor with a view of the pond.  It's an excellent location with its paved walkway and charming vintage entry. It is also easily accessible to the bridal suite and Reception Barn.


Is your barn air conditioned or heated?

The barn at The Old Mill is not air-conditioned however we are able to heat it for cooler fall days.  The barn is unique in that it opens on all sides allowing wonderful air flow to keep temperatures cooler inside. The bridal suite and grooms room are cooled and heated.  


Megan Vaughan Photography

Do you require to book a date?

We require a $1,000 deposit, and a signed contract.  The deposit is nonrefundable.  If you have to cancel your rental and we are able to book another event for that date we will refund all money other than the deposit.

Do you have a required Vendor List?

We have a recommended vendor list and require approval of the caterer. 

Do you have a smoking policy?

Our farm is a smoke free venue.  We do not allow cigarettes.  We will however make an exception for a fun cigar bar in a designated location.  

Do you allow alcohol?

Alcohol is allowed with an ABC license and bartender.  Beer, wine, and up to two signature drinks may be served.  We strictly enforce proof of age at the bar. We do not allow guest to bring their own beverages as all alcohol must be served from the bartender.  


Ashley Lester Photography 

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